More fun (and headaches) with the Google Chromebook Cr-48

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16. Jan 2012 9:51:51 AM Chromium pm16.11.

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Discuss OS

Sorry if this was posted elsewhere… it didn’t work for me

first search.

I enabled the filesystem flag type and enabled it in development mode in the morning
I wonder if I plug in a USB device (Here I am with Kindle

since it was readily available at the moment) the Handy Recovery Steps For Extended File System Cr is open

listed with my recently connected device. Oddly enough, I can’t find them

Device via directory browser.

If you switch to a terminal (full i-shell) you will see that it is also mounted

navigate to the device in /media (here, for example, /media/Kindle/). I can

then it’s easy to customize the files. For verification, I copied the text completely over mine

home directory (chronos).

In this case, I went to check the access to the file through the browser to help you with this file by sending an e-mailoh mail about this situation.

Gmail. Then I discovered that you are limited to viewing downloads
included. Soft link to /home/chronos/user to

Downloads as directory haya ln -s /home/chronos/user ~/Downloads/

home_dir ‘ might well allow you to access your full home directory

through the directory browser.I

so i also found a way to get around some solid shades from boring shades
I don’t understand why device access is almost certainly restricted in the file browser… ie.

My device is not viewable from the file browser, but remember, without further ado
How can I access it in terminal? Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

and new why.

UPDATE: Oddly enough, I’m linking the phone book ad in the instance

download directory I can be a file browser to view a good usb drive

drives now. ‘ ln -azines /media/ ~/Downloads/usb_drives ‘.

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16. 01/16/2011 10:13:37 AM

Discuss Chromium OS

I read one of the posts (probably straight from Google) looking for the file
After all,
often can be accessed.

Your work looks interesting and very useful! You have
Do you have experience or do you only know the disadvantages of this method? How to provide

Links integrated with security search or automatic version update
What is not accepted? Maybe you can check the last part, maybe you

got the current version 128.14 automatically a few days ago thanks to you

I’ve inserted symbolic links.

I had to bring what you do for needs and pay attention to the new
I’m just different from / to the downloads directory only on your USB drive /

SD card readers.

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About Jan 17 1:06:30 AM 2011, 01/17/11

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Discuss Chromium OS

I will answer you in the case where I have problems.I

but I think you would refer to your download directory as software.

I am, of course, assuming that this directory is not safe to download because it
The contents of a directory are usually constantly changing.


Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere… it didn’t work for me

first search.

I have all file system flags enabled and experience in development mode

I wonder if I’m plugging in a USB device (here I’m using my Kindle

because you could buy right now without further ado) the Handy folder opens

are listed along with my recently connected all-in-one. Oddly enough, I can never find it

Device via browser. To inform

Switch terminal (full shell), I can see it is installed as a box

navigate to the device in /media (here, for example, /media/Kindle/). I can

Then control your files easily. For the experiment I copied ttext log to your

home directory (chronos).

I may have tried to test file browser access to this file for you by emailing everything.

Gmail. Then I realized that you are actually limited to watching downloads.
included. Soft link to /home/chronos/user to

Downloads as directory i ln -s /home/chronos/user ~/Downloads/

home_dir ‘ will probably let you access someone’s complete home directory

through the music file browser.

So I found my way to completely boring shades, on the contrary, I still
I don’t understand why device access is probably restricted in the file browser… ie.

my device won’t be able to do this if you still want to browse the file browser easily
How can I access it in terminal? Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem

and new why.

UPDATE: Oddly enough, in the link to the software, I link the media to an internal directory.

download directory I can find a file browser to view my new USB stick

drives now. ‘ln -south /media/ ~/Downloads/usb_drives’.


Only in one of the posts (probably from Google) did I read that viewing files
At some point, you may be available.

Your work looks interesting and extremely useful! You have
Did you feel or understand any shortcomings in this? How to provide

Links will have a built in Holiday security check and/or possibly an automatic version update.

not used? You can check the last part, the actual event you can

got the current version 128.14 2 days ago automatically after you

said in symbolic links.

I got needs for what you do and for being careful
On the
side, I just copied to/from the download directory on the USB stick.

SD card readers.


I will contact you if I have any problems.
But I doubt families will be softlinks to their own download directory.

I’m assuming that our directory hasn’t been checked for backbones since then.
You still need to change the contents of the directorya.

At the end of the work week, I mentioned that I was going to be out of town for a very long weekend – mostly fun, but also some work— and I was planning on using a Google Cr-48 Chrome OS laptop as my only computer. The journey is almost over. And here is such a status that they will see how everything went. Chrome browser,

  • For example, Chrome OS includes an embedded version that interacts with the Adobe Flash Player. And, as with browser assistance, the fact that Flash is built in doesn’t seem to improve it much, at least in my experience. I’ve come across repeated instances of Flash crashing on the Chrome folder icon where any type of video should be. In fact, many tabs have broken Cr-48 several times; I can’t tell if the Flash is to blame.
  • My most used application is the blogging platform. It looks and works just like the best Windows PC or Mac on the Cr-48. In fact, I’m still doing what I already know works well when run entirely over the web, and works well on CR-48.I
  • whendistributing content not intended for their blog, such as mine Column by TIME .com Technologizer I have long enjoyed working with the Scrivener word processor for Mac and Windows. This is not possible in Chrome OS. So I switched to the Google Docs word processor. I’m missing a few things in Scrivener, including the ability to manually merge multiple documents into one file and set a word count goal. But I ended my column on Google’s new Nexus phones (read it tomorrow!) around the same time that she would probably pick up Scrivener.
  • Chrome extensions work on Chrome OS, but most (or at least almost all of the ones I’ve tried) are buggy.