How can I repair my computer?

1. Disk Error

“SMART Disk Error” Or Fix 301″

“Quick Problems With Smart Hard Drives

The SMART Hard Drive Error is a common error found by HP on laptops and desktops. The SMART Diagnostic Tool comes with firmware from HP included. If the program detects a hardware problem during the scan, SMART Firmware will display that particular SMART Hard Error drive error message. The most common excellent version of this error is the SMART hard drive error 301.

There are several reasons why this error occurs: an outdated BIOS, an untrusted vendor, a file virus, corruption, physical destruction, an unexpected shutdown, problems with programs and applications, or a power surge. Due to the large number of possible products, there are several ways to get rid of SMART Disk hard 301:


  1. Change the order of priority of your HP laptop’s running shoes.
  2. BIOS

  3. Update and reset your BIOS settings in Configure BIOS settings. Make sure
  4. that

  5. is a hard drive andsome of them are well connected.
  6. Try
  7. it is best to restart your HP laptop.


  8. If .neither .nor .above . .solutions .fixes the .problem, .uses .document .recovery .software to .recover .data .using .your .hard .disk .from .recover .from .hard .disk ../li> <


2.Disk Error

“Disk 1 (3F1)”



HARD DISK 1 (3f1) error is a common error on HP laptops. When the laptop hard drive could be damaged or corrupted, or when the operating system files were damaged. The full error message usually looks like this:

“Disk runtime error run hard”
Check your hard drive in system diagnostics. Dsk 1
hard (3F1)
F2 system diagnostics
For more information, visit: www.hp ./go/techcenter/startup”


  1. Hard resetting hp laptops restores their lagging configurations. Reset
  2. BIOS settings to default, always check if error message appears after system rebootwe.
  3. You are running HP Hardware Diagnostics in Quick Advanced or Mode. If that doesn’t solve the problem, go ahead and move on to the next step.
  4. test the

  5. thoroughly the drive on another computer or on someone else’s rebooted hard drive.
  6. Use
  7. the recovery gadget to recover your data. carefully from your damaged drive.


 3. Hard drive error

“No Boot Phone Found – Hard Disk (3F0)”
or “No Boot Devices Available”


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Facing the “Exact boot device not found” error, perhaps even known as “Disk Confusion 3F0”? This error is one of the most common computer problems caused by users. 3f0 se hard drive errors occur unexpectedly when the hard drive is unable to boot support and support system. Unrecognized boot device error can be caused by sometimes wrong boot order in BIOS, connection problems, malwareand mms even by attacking or damaging the hard drive itself.

    1. Full reset to zero. Resetting the hardware may resolve some issues if they are caused by a broken connection between the device and the BIOS.


    2. BIOS: From the menu to restore the default BIOS configuration settings.
    3. Resetting the hard drive: Resetting may solve the problem caused by a connection problem.

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    Error Owner

    “Main Disk Or “3rd/4th/5th Error”
    Main Disk Error”

    5. Disk Error

    “Error Loading Hard Drive”



    There can be several possible reasons why you are struggling with a basic boot disk error. Every time your computer boots up, the BIOS will try to acquire a boot disk. The hard drive boot error message mentioned an error indicating that the BIOS might not be able to find a hard drive to boot.

    As with all disk errors, the hard solution depends on the actual cause of the error and. If you encounter a hard disk error at startup, please try the corresponding solutions:

    1. Change the order of the sneakers in If the bios: problem is caused by incorrect BIOS loading, changing the order in the BIOS settings can quickly solve some of the problems.
    2. Check Make sure all hardware: make sure all cables and jumpers are properly connected, and remove any recently added settings as additional hardware may have caused the boot failure.
    3. Check if the hard drive is damaged: use Recovery’s simple automatic repair to check for hard drive failures. The tool will report any problems with the hard drive it finds.


    6. Disk Error

    “CRC Check Failed” Or “Disk “not Accessible
    data Error (cycle Check)”

    Quick Fix


    If your cyclic redundancy check fails, the family is facing hard drive corruption. Error duringIt occurs due to incorrectly configured files, installation of unsuccessful programs, the beginning of damage or overload of the disk.


    Regarding data loss and system issues, you should Cron Expert this cyclic redundancy check error as soon as possible by following these basic steps:

    1. Use CHKDSK to handle logical file system and file system metadata errors. Run CHKDSK when you’re done, plug the hard drive back in if you need to reboot the system and try to view the data. If the error persists, use a data recovery tool to save the data.
    2. Run the System Checker file recovery tool to (sfc) infect files that windows might be causing the error. If that doesn’t work, fix the error, go to the next step.
    3. No

    4. If the previous steps helped, use a data recovery tool to recover data from your damaged or corrupted computer.<
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      7. Disk Error


      “I/O Error”

      Quick Fix

      Device I/O or I/O errors occur when an external hard drive experiences a fatal error while reading and writing the contents of the printer’s hard drive. common most error messages for:

      I/O error