How to fix mouse stutter in Windows 10

Update your mouse and keyboard drivers;
update the video driver;
disable biometric devices;
disable antivirus software;
Run the hardware troubleshooter;
Update your touchpad drivers.

Step 1

Click Start, then click Run. Otherwise, if the mouse is an off-the-shelf serial bus (USB) device, skip this step and go directly to step 7.

2nd Step

How do I restore my cursor back to normal?

Therefore, you can try the following combination to make your disappearing cursor visible again in Windows 10: Fn + F3/ Fn + F5/ Fn + F9/ Fn + F11. If using the Fn keys to get the missing cursor doesn’t work to bring back the mouse pointer, there may currently be bugs with your final mouse driver on Windows 10.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Click the General tab and click Troubleshoot. Follow the recommended options to resolve the issue. If the issue persists and the Ultimate Mouse is a Plug and Play USB Guitar, proceed to Step 7.

Step 7

InstallDownload this Microsoft Fix-it USB troubleshooter (see Resources). Then follow the instructions to repair the mouse.



You should rollback or uninstall the mouse driver if the cursor problem persists. First, check for updates and device information on the manufacturer’s website.

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What is a cursor ?


Mouse stuttering is the most common complaint among computer users. Mouse jitter occurs when the mouse pointer moves erratically. At the time of writing this guide, our YouTube video “How to Fix Ten Window Mouse Lag” has almost 65,000 views and comments filled with many stories about Ten Windows and computer mice not working well together.

If your mouse is definitely slow and you can’t figure out why, here are the most common ways to fix it.Which we have collected over the years.

Also be sure to check out our YouTube channel, where we’ve posted a short video explaining why your mouse might be lagging and to get it working:

How to fix 10 mouse lags in Windows

Clear The Inside Of The Mouse

The mouse and enter keys are always in contact with your hands and accumulate at an alarming rate. Many viewers and readers ended up stating that the problem with his erratic mouse behavior was his long but barely visible hair.

Before you go too far into troubleshooting, quickly check for dirt on the optical sensor.

Change The Mouse Interface

Try a different surface to make sure the stutter isn’t the end of a surface that the mouse can’t detect, such as glass or uneven surfaces. Try a mouse pad to check this task off your to-do list. Signal


Bluetooth If You Are Using A Wireless Mouse, It Might Be Uses Bluetooth Due To Its Communication Technology. While Bluetooth Works Well, Troubleshooting A Bluetooth Mouse Should Be A Separate Article.

To Fix The Problem, Try The Following Tips:

  • Make Sure Your Power Supply Is Sufficiently Charged And Secure.
  • Unpair And Then Plug In A Mouse.
  • Turn Off Bluetooth Wi-Fi Or Nearby Devices To Check Screen Saturation.
  • Close The Distance Between The Workstation And The Computer, Or Relocate The Bluetooth Antenna, If Present.
  • Some Brands Of Mice, Such As Logitech, Offer Wi-Fi Compatible Adapters In Addition To Bluetooth. Switching From Dongle To Bluetooth And/or Vice Versa May Solve Your Problem.

    Disable Background Image Slideshow

    If you’ve configured your Windows 10 PC to run with a full set of wallpapers, your company’s mouse pointer stutters and freezes every time a change occurs. We have tested this on a Windows 10 PC and it happens on all of them.

    If your system frequently switches between wallpapers, for example everyWithin a few minutes, this may cause this problem. The solution is that you can set the interval to once a day, or turn off the slideshow and therefore manually change the wallpaper.

    Disable Idle Scroll Window

    This function does what it says: you can scroll the window without dragging it by hovering over it with the mouse. While this can often save time for people who have to work with many documents and a word processor, disabling this suggestion has mysteriously solved the mouse freeze issue for many users. We don’t know why, but it’s definitely worth a try :

    1. Open the Start menu and select the settings gear.
    2. Select devices
    3. Select the mouse.
    4. Disable scrolling of sitting windows when hovering over them.
    1. Check if the lagging mouse works properly again.

    Disable Fast Launch

    Many users have reported that disabling Fast Startup can fix a major mouse freeze issue in Windows 10.

    Quick start on Checked by default and increases the startup time of your computer. Most women rarely reboot their laptops these days, and even when they do, fast SSDs and processors make exercise a breeze. That’s why it’s better to disable fast startup.

    1. Open the start menu and type control panel, in this case select it from the results.
    1. Select Hardware and Sound > Power Options.
    1. Select “Choose what the power buttons do”.
    1. Select Change settings that are probably not currently available.
    1. Uncheck Enable Fast Startup. Click Save Changes

    Turn off the user device and restart it immediately. Then check to see if your PC mouse stuck issues are gone.

    Update Or Reinstall Your Mouse, Drivers, And Software

    The owner of your car mouse will tell Windows how to get back to the hardware. If your mouse came with a software application, this shipment is alsomay be part of the difficulty.

    It is worth downloading the latest mouse drivers and installing them manually after uninstalling older versions. Even if older drivers and software weren’t causing the freezes, new downloads may include fixes for mouse freeze issues.

    Update And Reinstall GPU Drivers

    How do I restore my cursor back to normal?

    GPU Your road users and software can also be a source of mouse instability. Obtain the latest drivers and software from the GPU manufacturer’s website. Consider using software such as DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to make sure the previous version is completely uninstalled. However, only do this if updating the kitchen manually does not solve the problem.

    Remove Overclock

    If you’ve overclocked your CPU, GPU, and also RAM, you’re putting more stress on other components than you should, undo these types of changes. VerReset everything back to factory clock and voltage settings to avoid hardware instability that causes mouse stuttering. Once the hurdle is gone, you may want to lower your overclock if you want to improve system performance.