How to make the mouse cursor bigger and faster in Windows 10

Usually, to open accessibility settings, press Windows logo key + U. You can also select Start > Settings > Accessibility. In Accessibility settings, select the “Mouse Pointer” option in the left column. In the right column (as shown above), adjust the slider labeled “Resize Note”.


On Windows, you can now increase the size of the mouse pointer and invert its color. Want a black mouse cursor instead? You can do it! Choose a less visible giant red slugder? You can do it too!

This feature has been added so you can receive the May 2019 Windows Update. It was always possible to change the mouse cursor theme, but you can actually do it without using custom cursor themes.

To find this option, go to Settings > Accessibility > Cursors & Pointers. (You can press Windows+I to quickly open the User Settings app.)

To change the pointer size, do not drag the slider to “Change Pointer Size”. By default, the mouse pointer is set to 1, the smallest size. You can choose a new size from 1 to 15 (which is very large).

How do I change the cursor size in Windows 10?

Make your mouse more visible by changing the color and size of your mouse pointer. Click the Start button, then select Settings > Ease of Access > Cursor & Tooltip and select the options that best suit you.

In the Change Pointer Color section, select a new color picker. There are four options here: enhanced with a black border (default setting), painted black with a white border, inverted (such as black on blue or white on white), or your choice of color with a black border.

If you purchased the color version, the eco green slider is used by default. However, sometimesyou can choose any color you like. In the Suggested Pointer Colors panel that appears frequently, select Choose a custom pointer color, and then choose another color you want.

Here it is! If you ever need to adjust the slider on PC again, come back here.

In this settings panel, you can also thicken the cursor text to make it more visible when typing. If you have a touch screen, you probably also manage the visual touch notifications that appear when you touch the screen.

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In Windows 10, the mouse pointer is a powerful core feature that helps us navigate the desktop more efficiently. However, if the mouse pointer is too small or too large, there are several ways to change the weight to suit your needs or your amazing screen resolution.

In this guide, you will learn Cursorside to change the mouse pointer size using the Settings app and Control Panel in Windows 10.

  • To resize the pointerusing parameters
  • To change the pointer width using the control panel
  • How To Increase Pointer Size Using Parameters

    How do I get my cursor back to normal size?

    Step 1: Search for “Ease of Access” in the Windows search box and select “Mouse Accessibility Settings” from the list that appears. Step 2: From the current menu on the left, select Mouse Pointer. Step 3: In the “Change Pointer Size” section, you need to adjust the strip to the desired size that suits you best.

    To change the size of the Duck pointer in Windows 10, do the following:

    1. Open Settings in Windows 10.

    2. Click “Ease of Access”.

    3. Click Cursors and Pointers.

    4. In the “Change pointers in addition to size color” section, often use the slider to select the size of the pointer.

      Change JPEG mouse cursor size using the settings app

    After completing these steps, the pointer will automatically switch to the size type you selected. Starting with Windows 10 version 1903, you can choose from up to 11 different sizes. Also note that you can nowChange the color of the rodent pointer using the Settings software application.

    How To Change The Control Of The Pointer Area Using The Panel

    If you want to change the pointer size using the standard Windows template, follow these steps.

    1. Open settings.

    2. Click Devices.

    3. Click.

    4. Directly below Related in Settings, click the Advanced Mouse Options link.

      Windows 10 Mouse Positions

    5. Use the Layout drop-down menu to select the size you want, including: system layout (small), large, and extra large.

      Change mouse pointer size via control panel

    6. Click the Apply button.

    7. Click our own OK button.

    After completing the new steps, the mouse pointer will start buying the size you specified.

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    Windows PCs and laptops are more affordable and easier to use if you have a new senior computer. They still need a few more changes to make it elderly friendly. Most older people, especially those with poor eyesight, need a larger, faster pointermouse in Windows 10.

    Here we can show you how to change the Windows 10 cursor to a larger, faster cursor with better visibility.

    1. Change mouse pointer size in Windows 10
    2. Create a text cursor on a larger version of Windows 10
    3. Change mouse sensitivity/speed in Windows 10
    4. Change touchpad sensitivity in Windows 10

    Change Mouse Pointer Size In Windows 10

    The standard number of mouse pointers, or possibly a cursor, in Windows 10 is what the average person needs. But if someone you know has vision problems, especially older people, you can easily help them use the computer by increasing the cursor in Windows 10.

    1. Open Windows 10 settings by pressing Windows critical key + I.
    2. Not only settings, but also devices.
    3. In the left pane, select Mouse.
    4. Click directly on the “Mouse and Resize” slider, which belongs to the “Related Settings” section.
    5. In the next window, use the slider under ChangeSpecify the size of the pointer”.
    6. Once you’ve made the top slider visible enough, you can also change the color of the slider.

    You can now see a larger tooltip cursor on your Windows 10 PC screen. Resize the cursor when you need it later if the new size really doesn’t suit you.

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    Increase Cursor Text In Windows 10

    By increasing the size of your mouse pointer in Windows 10, you can navigate more easily while using your computer. But if you master the keyboard or edit some text, all text cursors will be as small as before. For a better writing experience, you need to adapt the text cursor to Windows 10.

    1. Open Settings in Windows 10.
    2. Go to Devices and click Mouse.
    3. Click Edit Adjust Mouse Button and Cursor Size.
    4. In the next window, a special text cursor in the left margin.
    5. Use a crawler The “Change the appearance of the text cursor” checkbox to adjust the width of the cursor when typing.
    6. If that’s not enough, turn on Show Text Cursor.
    7. Choose an appropriate color and size for the article slider.

    The text display cursor in Windows 10 is a colored piece of evidence that appears above but below the cursor, which can help you locate the cursor easily.

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    Change Mouse Sensitivity/speed In Ten Windows

    If you’re using your gaming mouse too slowly, or if you find it too slow to move the cursor around the screen repeatedly, you’ll need to change the speed. You can change the actual mouse sensitivity in Windows 10 and earlier.