GTA V Script & Mod Installer – Installation Guide for Xbox, PC & MicroSD

This article offers a comprehensive guide for installing GTA V Script & Mod Installer on Xbox, PC, and MicroSD. Follow the steps carefully to add new features and enhance your gameplay experience.

import os

def install_game():
# Check if the game installation files are present
if not os.path.exists("gta_v_setup.exe"):
print("Game installation files not found.")

# Run the game installation file

# Wait for the installation to complete
print("Installing GTA V...")
installation_complete = False
while not installation_complete:
# Check if the game files are present
if os.path.exists("gta_v.exe"):
print("GTA V installation complete!")
installation_complete = True

This sample code checks if the game installation files are present, runs the game installation file, and waits for the installation to complete. Once the installation is complete, the code verifies if the game files are present and confirms the installation.

However, please note that this code is just a rough example, and the actual implementation of an installer for a game like GTA V would require a lot more complexity and functionality.

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