Roblox Same Account Launched Different Device Fix

Have you ever encountered issues with accessing your Roblox account on different devices? In this article, we will discuss how to fix the problem of launching the same account on different devices.

Ensuring Account Security

To ensure account security when using the same Roblox account on different devices, it is important to take necessary precautions. Enable two-factor authentication on your account to add an extra layer of security. Avoid sharing your account information with others and regularly update your password to prevent unauthorized access. Log out of your account when switching devices and avoid accessing your account on public or shared devices.

Monitor your account activity for any suspicious behavior and report any unauthorized access immediately to Roblox support.

Troubleshooting Persistent Error Code 264

If you are experiencing persistent Error Code 264 while trying to launch Roblox on a different device with the same account, try the following troubleshooting steps. First, ensure that your internet connection is stable and strong. Next, log out of your Roblox account on all devices and then log back in on the new device. If the issue persists, clear the cache and cookies on the new device’s browser. Additionally, check for any pending updates for the Roblox app on the new device.

If these steps do not resolve the error, consider contacting Roblox support for further assistance.

Utilizing Sticky Key Functionality

  • Open the Start Menu by pressing the Windows key.
  • Click on Settings to access the Control Panel.
  • Go to Ease of Access settings.
  • Click on Keyboard and toggle on Sticky Keys.

Exploring Top VR Games

If you are experiencing issues with accessing your Roblox account on different devices, there are a few steps you can take to fix the problem. Firstly, make sure you are logged into the same account on both devices. If you are still having trouble, try clearing the cache and cookies on both devices. This can help refresh the connection and resolve any login issues. Additionally, restarting the devices may also help in syncing your account across different platforms. If all else fails, you can contact Roblox support for further assistance.


Can a Roblox account be on 2 devices?

A Roblox account can be used on multiple devices without any issues.

What is error code 267 on Roblox?

Error code 267 on Roblox typically indicates that you have been kicked or banned from the game. This can be due to reasons such as unstable internet connections or suspicious activity associated with your account.

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