Google Home Can’t Find Chromecast – Easy Fix!

Having trouble with Google Home not finding your Chromecast? No worries – I’ve got an easy fix for you.

Initial Setup and Power Verification

Google Home and Chromecast setup screen.

Initial Setup: Make sure your Chromecast is properly plugged in and receiving power. Connect it to the HDMI port of your TV and plug in the power cable.

Power Verification: Confirm that your Chromecast is getting power by checking the LED light on the device. If the light is on, the device is receiving power.

Wi-Fi Connection: Ensure that your Chromecast is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home. This is essential for them to communicate with each other.

If you are still experiencing issues with your Google Home finding your Chromecast, consider performing a factory reset on the Chromecast and setting it up again. This can often resolve connectivity problems.

Ensuring Network Compatibility and Visibility

Google Home and Chromecast icons

  • Check Wi-Fi Connection:
    • Make sure both your Google Home and Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    • Restart your Wi-Fi router and modem to ensure a stable connection.
  • Review Network Settings:
    • Access your router’s settings and ensure that both devices are not blocked or restricted in any way.
    • Check if the network is set to a 5GHz frequency band, as Chromecast may not be compatible with this band.
  • Update Router Firmware:
    • Check for any available firmware updates for your router and install them to ensure compatibility with your devices.
  • Reset Network Settings:
    • Reset network settings on both Google Home and Chromecast to refresh their connection.
    • Reconnect both devices to the Wi-Fi network and check if they can now detect each other.

Device Reboot and Application Restart Procedures

Google Home and Chromecast devices

To fix the issue of Google Home not finding Chromecast, try rebooting both devices. First, unplug both the Google Home and Chromecast from the power source. Wait for a minute, then plug them back in. Next, restart the Google Home app on your device.

Force close the app, then open it again. If the problem persists, try resetting your Wi-Fi network or your router. Ensure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Verifying and Adjusting Settings

Step Description
1 Make sure your Google Home and Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
2 Verify that your Chromecast is powered on and connected to your TV.
3 Check the HDMI input on your TV to ensure that it is set to the correct input for your Chromecast.
4 Restart your Google Home and Chromecast devices to refresh their connections.
5 Update the firmware on both your Google Home and Chromecast devices to the latest version.
6 Reset your Chromecast to factory settings and set it up again from scratch.

Factory Reset Options

For a Chromecast device: Press and hold the button on the Chromecast for at least 25 seconds until the LED light begins flashing. This will initiate the factory reset process.

For a Chromecast with Google TV: Go to “Settings” on your device, then select “System” and “About.” From there, choose “Factory reset” and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your device.


Why is Google Home not finding my Chromecast?

Google Home is not finding your Chromecast because the network may be listed on other devices that are not currently connected, indicating that the SSID is hidden. To resolve this issue, you will need to manually enter the SSID and password in the Google Home app during setup.

Why isn’t my Chromecast device showing up?

Your Chromecast device may not be showing up if there are firewall or antivirus software blocking connections to it. Check that your software is up-to-date and not preventing the device from being detected. If you’re using a rented wireless router, contact your internet provider for assistance, or adjust the network firewall settings if you own the router.

Why is Chromecast option not showing up?

The Chromecast option may not be showing up because it is not turned on. Check your data plan settings and make sure background data restrictions or data saver is not enabled. Additionally, ensure that Location services are turned on in your device settings.

How do I connect my Chromecast to Google Home?

To connect your Chromecast to Google Home, start by plugging in your Chromecast. Then, open the Google Home app and tap on Devices, followed by Add Google Nest or partner device. Simply follow the steps provided to set up your device. Once the setup is successful, you’re all done!

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